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Last updated 2005-09-20 at 10:53 pm by TALlama

Welcome to the home page of Atomizer, the simple PHP script I use to keep track of periodic events.

That is, if I know I should check out a website every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but that site has no syndication feed, I copy the Atomizer script, change just a few variables at the top, and away I go.

Here’s the quick-and-dirty tutorial:

  1. Copy the Atomizer.php file to where your web server will run a PHP file. Rename the file something useful, like ‘Ninja.php’
  2. Open up ‘Ninja.php’ and modify the stuff above the line. The script has comments for what all the variables are for.
  3. If necessary, change shouldShow() and getTitle().


  1. Conforms to the Atom 1.0 spec
  2. Dirt simple
  3. Output is easy to read for humans, because it keeps tabs in place.

On the todo list:

  1. It could easily take most arguments from GET.

Not On the todo list:

  1. Support for RSS x.y. It’s just not worth it.
Download Atomizer