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15 Minutes

Rudy was one of my good friends at ParaSoft. He’s about my age, and was a fellow Sales Engineer with an itch to do development. I don’t know if he knew going in how development-sparse the position was (I was told it’d be half time; it’s more like 10% dev, 90% sales), but he left […]

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Eclipse Tutorial

Here is an Eclipse tutorial that I wrote for work. This is the WSDJ version; there’s an upcoming Visual Studio version that’s similar.

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Missing Connections

Sonja (my Wife) is in Hawaii this week on a mission trip with the church youth group that she helps out with. They’re on Molokai– where 80% of the population lives under the poverty line– painting churches and installing running water. So we have a month to move, which is kind of nice but kind […]

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