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{ Tag Archives } Tiger *Sob* *Sob*:*Sob* It’s sad or wrong or something that I can recognize the obfuscated icon for a program I never even used that hasn’t been updated in eight years.

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Apple Bug Friday

In Tiger, when I put an open Mail message into the background, the Delete button disables itself. None of the other buttons do. Bizarre.

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Tim and Tiger

Tim Bray isn’t so sure he likes Tiger. And I’d agree, but with enough caveats that I thought a blog post would be worthwhile. OS X has gone through five major revisions since I’ve been using it. It had more before, but since I didn’t use them I don’t really know about them, and won’t […]

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I Want. The problem with Sonja being gone is that I can’t just drop $150 to pick up a family pack (after rebate). Core Data is a siren; it calls to me…

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