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Fantastic Contraption May Kill Me Yet

I was up until 3am last night playing Fantastic Contraption. My name is Seth and I’m an addict. This got me started This got me interested This got me hooked. This took longer than it should have. And this one is distracting me while I try to do other things.

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iPhone Naysayers, One Year Later

Gruber point to an article that tracks down pundits who thought the iPhone would fail, and asks them what they think now. One guy was surprised by the success. Translation: everyone else wrote that the iPhone wasn’t worth it, but fully expected it to succeed. This says something about their Jeremiah-like journalism or their complete […]

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iTunes is a Network Application

Jeff Atwood thinks that iTunes is Anti-Web: Is it so unreasonable to expect links in your browser to resolve to, oh, I don’t know, web pages containing information about the thing you just clicked on? Is there anything more anti-web than demanding users install custom software to display information that could have just as easily […]

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Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea Setting up a family tree on Geni. It’s like a little Facebook for your relatives. You click and add your siblings, your parents, their siblings, etc. Then you can post what’s new, share photos, plan events, and all that fun stuff. Bad Idea Doing this when you’re my coworker from Hungary, whose wife […]

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CCTV Music Video

The Get Out Clause is (apparently; I’d never heard of them before) a band in Manchester. They have no contract, and no money to put together a music video. But what they do have is time and a pretty good song. So they sung their song in front of lots of CCTVs and then requested […]

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Supporter Videos

¡Viva Obama!: Personally, there are some things about silly season that I like. How is it that this is so awesome and this and this are so terrible? The lack of cheesy 90s graphics is a definite difference, but the music is the deciding factor. The Obama video is fast and happy and loud, the […]

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Your Daily Dose of Cute

kitten vs. frontrow: (Via Tim Bray.) I have lost files doing very similar things.

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Fractal Africa

TED Talks: Ron Eglash: I’ve always been fascinated by fractals, even though the math is far beyond me. But here’s a guy who not only is finding fractals all over, but puts up all these little applets to play with them!

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Alan Kay’s ’97 OOPSLA Keynote

JavaScript is the new Smalltalk: Regular readers are quite tired of me pointing to this video, Alan Kay: The Computer Revolution hasn’t happend yet. Keynote OOPSLA 1997, but I think it’s quite fundamental to understand that Alan Kay had a vision for the web, and though his understanding of the role of HTML in the […]

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YouTube – Superfriends meets Friends

Superfriends meets Friends: (Via Boing Boing, via Laughing Squid) One of the best scenes from Friends, dubbed into one of the worst shows ever. Classic.

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