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Who you are is a function of what you do; your actions determine your character because there is no other output of your character. People who do bad things are by definition bad people; people who do good things are good people. So being careful about what you do is really about being careful about […]

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Against Software Patents

At the behest of the Free Software Foundation, I just sent this email to to express how bad an idea software patents are. If you agree, send a similar missive (or steal mine, or FSF’s): Software should not be patentable, because software is math. Adding a computer to do that math is an obvious […]

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On Software Patents

There’s been a lot of linking to Stephen O’Grady’s piece on software patents lately, and I thought I’d do the same but provide my own twist on these arguments. The area of “software that should be patentable” exists between a floor defined by “algorithms and math” and a ceiling of things that are overbroad and […]

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