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D&D Next

I played AD&D once. Maybe twice. Mine was a Palladium group, and I grew up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heroes Unlimited and Ninjas and Superspies. From there we graduated to GURPS, where we spent many a happy campaign, and from the GURPS supplements we transitioned into the World of Darkness, eventually taking our show […]

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Rejig RPG

Here is a story game, in its entirety, that popped into my head this morning: Each players take 3d6 and four tokens. One player begins narrating. Any player not narrating can challenge the narrator for any reason: The narrator rolls his dice; the challenger rolls hers. Whoever rolled the die with the lowest value can […]

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D&D Skills

Skills in D&D 4E are broken, and Wizards knows it. Here’s the challenge with skills: in 3E and 4E, skills are serving two masters. First, they serve as a customization point for players. Players want to say, “I’m good at this thing,” and write that thing down on their character sheets. They want their choice […]

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