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Jobs at the Intersection

Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs is simply out too soon. The man died less than a month before the book hit the shelves, and the book has the feel of being rushed, with too much recitation and no enough reflection. But for all its failings, it’s worth reading. Before we begin, let me caveat that I’m […]

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Review: A Game of Thrones

There is a good book inside Game of Thrones—maybe even two—but they are buried underneath an avalanche of monotonous detail, with four interconnected plot lines fighting each other for attention and strangling each other for air. The book tries to do too much and instead does too little. As the first part of an epic-scoped […]

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Review: The Hijacking of Jesus

The Hijacking of Jesus is a thin little book about how religion became a polarized political battle zone, and what to do about it. The book is a curious beast, though: it has a meandering style that belies the tour-of-the-countryside method of a magazine writer, which Wakefield is. This can work in a longer piece, […]

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