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Junk Mail

I just sent this to my representatives. You should, too: Dear Senator, I just got done filling out the latest privacy policy for my bank. I do this every time they send me one in the mail, which seems to occur every few months. Every time it’s the same story: they’ve decided to make some […]

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Balancing Budgets

Why do balanced budget proposals always make up their deficits with automatic spending cuts? Why couldn’t we have a system where the budget automatically adjusts taxes up to close the deficit in the previous year, unless Congress passed a 2/3rds vote to find appropriate cuts? You’d have to watch out for Laffer Curve effects, because […]

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My State of the Union

If I were the President’s voice, this is the speech I would give next Wednesday. Ladies and Gentleman, Good Evening. Let us get straight to the point: the State of our Union is dire. We are on a precipice and we are teetering. Our past is catching up to us, and our future is uncertain. […]

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Just returned from a short walk with my wife and daughter to drop off our absentee ballots here in Costa Mesa. There was some rain this morning, so the ground is wet and the trees are dripping, but it’s blue skies now. There was no line (it’s mid-morning; everyone is at work) but all the […]

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For a move titled “W”, it would seem that more attention would be paid to the 43rd president. Instead, the most interesting parts of “W” are when we get to see how those around him react to him. The narrative follows Bush the Younger (played uncannily by Josh Brolin), but in almost every scene he […]

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Sloganeering for Obama

Obama is struggling to condense his economic policy into a sound bite. The long version: So I asked Obama whether he thought he had been able to tell an effective story about the economy during this campaign. Specifically, I wondered, did he think he had a message that compared with Reagan’s simple call for less […]

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Heads In The Sand Review

There are already approximately seventeen million reviews of Matthew Yglesias’ new book, Heads in the Sand, so I figured one more wouldn’t hurt. Yglesias is one of my must-read bloggers; when I’m behind a few days, I’ll plow through his feed first because he makes great points, ties it into the larger picture, and doesn’t […]

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Scenes From A Taco Bell

[Inside, Lunchtime. Two men in their sixties in "San Juan Capistrano Police Volunteer" uniforms sit at a table covered in empty wrappers. Another man, just as old, stands nearby.] Non Volunteer Old Man: It’s been nice talkin’ to y’all. Say, who you voting for? Old Man 1: Not Hillary. Old Man 2 shakes his head […]

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Democratic Caucus on The Colbert Report

Senator Clinton’s appearance felt a little strained, Senator Obama’s appearance was kind o funny, but EdWørds was hands-down the best of the cameos. Better introduction, better content, and much, much funnier. It reminds me of Al Gore on SNL warning about attacking glaciers; surreal enough that you know they’re in on the joke, but real […]

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Scenes from Chipotle

[Two men, each about 50, sit at a table over burritos. One of them is wearing a t-shirt that says "If you don't like abortions, don't get one." He is listening as the other man speaks] Man #1: But the planes couldn’t have brought down the towers. The physics don’t work. And the Democrats are […]

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