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The Game You Want

Monte Cook wants everyone to be happy: It’s become clear to me over the last few years that game players should be able to play the game they want to play, not the game a game designer wants them to play. (That there are game players who disagree with this shows me that there are […]

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Fantastic Contraption May Kill Me Yet

I was up until 3am last night playing Fantastic Contraption. My name is Seth and I’m an addict. This got me started This got me interested This got me hooked. This took longer than it should have. And this one is distracting me while I try to do other things.

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Uno Cracko

Sonja and I got bored with a deck of Uno cards and this is the result. We’ve only play-tested this with two players, but it could theoretically work with more. At some point you’d probably need to add another deck of cards into the mix, but we don’t know when that point would be; six […]

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Fist of Dragonstones: Alternate Rules

A few years ago, Sonja and I bought a little box game called Fist of Dragonstones (whose webpage is mysterious inoperative at the time of this writing). Each player is a prince who is trying to score fame by racking up Dragonstones, which you do by hiring a bunch of characters who do stuff for […]

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Double Take

We were watching A-Team the other day, and the lot of them were at Universal Studios. Hannibal is dressed up as a swamp monster (of course) and they’re meeting some potential client. As Face waits, a Cylon walks by. Face’s smile vanishes and he looks perplexed for a moment, and then Mr. T says something […]

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FFX: I am the Winar.

I finally finished Final Fantasy X. It’s been a year or so, maybe more, but when you only play occasionally and don’t play at all for months on end, that kind of stuff can happen. All in all, I think it was a pretty good game, but it could have been better. The story was […]

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