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Life, of a Sort

They guys at Obsidian Portal posed a challenge on this week’s podcast: come up with a more interesting origin story for Dungeons & Dragons, in a paragraph or so. Here’s mine: Gary set the quill down eagerly, stretching his raw fingers and checking the folds of his skin for burn marks. When he was satisfied […]

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The Game You Want

Monte Cook wants everyone to be happy: It’s become clear to me over the last few years that game players should be able to play the game they want to play, not the game a game designer wants them to play. (That there are game players who disagree with this shows me that there are […]

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D&D Skills

Skills in D&D 4E are broken, and Wizards knows it. Here’s the challenge with skills: in 3E and 4E, skills are serving two masters. First, they serve as a customization point for players. Players want to say, “I’m good at this thing,” and write that thing down on their character sheets. They want their choice […]

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