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The Other Side of the Podium

When I was at ParaSoft, I did a number of trainings when I went to some company and showed them how to use whatever product they had purchased. We did one-day tutorials all the way up to five-day classes, where we would use our product with the customer’s code. This week I am attending a […]

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Windows Is So Slow, but Why? – New York Times

Windows Is So Slow, but Why? – New York Times: “And Apple had the advantage of building on software from university laboratories, an experimental version of the Unix operating system developed at Carnegie Mellon University and a free variant of Unix from the University of California, Berkeley. That helps explain why a small team at […]

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They Might Be Podcasting

TMBG Does Podcasting. Easily one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. This is a very good year. I’m still listening, so more later. Update: There’s a lot here, some of which is new (and hilarious) and some of which is old (and hilarious). And one part is just so completely random I’m still trying […]

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Tim and Tiger

Tim Bray isn’t so sure he likes Tiger. And I’d agree, but with enough caveats that I thought a blog post would be worthwhile. OS X has gone through five major revisions since I’ve been using it. It had more before, but since I didn’t use them I don’t really know about them, and won’t […]

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MSN Virtual Earth

I have this problem with MSN Virtual Earth. It looks like this: Apparently, the borg have landed in Costa Mesa, and their ship is resting at the corner of Mesa Verde and Baker. But it’s more pervasive than that. They seem to be everywhere I look. They seem to have invaded our world quite thoroughly; […]

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WebKit Nightlies

So maybe setting my default browser to the WebKit nightly wasn’t so great an idea…

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I just posted a little script I use to keep track of a few sites still old or young enough to not have syndication feeds. You can find out all about it at the official Atomizer page.

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Google Talk

Google Talk Doesn’t work on the Mac. A disturbing Google trend continues…

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Yes, I’m late to the party on this one, but we just tried out Skype and it’s everything that it claims to be: free internet telephony that just works. My brother-in-law, whom I just mentioned and my mother-in-law have been using Skype since I told them about it a few months ago. They’ve said that […]

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The ImageMagick Tutorial That Finally Taught Me How to Use ImageMagick.

To get the backgrounds for this site, start with a normal image (bg_dark.jpg) and run this: convert bg_dark.jpg -modulate 50,30 -level 0%,60%,0.6 -fill gray -colorize 80% bg_light.jpg This is brought to you by the only useful ImageMagick tutorial on the entire Internet: IM v6 Examples. Why is this a good tutorial, as opposed to the […]

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