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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

Baby Game Results

Foreward I looked over the results and decided that the methodology was a little suspect. Any category that had a large average distance weighed disproportionately into the results, so a good guess on hour (most people guessed late afternoon) or minute (which just had a huge spread) was a big boon. Similarly, results were pretty […]

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Baby Game: Social Networks Edition

Our next baby is due on the 23rd, but we got word yesterday that if there’s no baby by next Monday, we’ll be picking a day to induce. That means it’s time for a Baby Game! This Baby Game seeks to be the geekiest it can be. It’s powered by a Ruby script, it uses […]

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The most important part about the iPad are its limitations. But they’re important not because it defines what the device “can’t do”; in the fullness of time the App Store will likely bring us all sorts of new and interesting workarounds to the limitations. Rather, the limitations are important because it delineates the boundaries of […]

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