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{ Monthly Archives } March 2010

On Software Patents

There’s been a lot of linking to Stephen O’Grady’s piece on software patents lately, and I thought I’d do the same but provide my own twist on these arguments. The area of “software that should be patentable” exists between a floor defined by “algorithms and math” and a ceiling of things that are overbroad and […]

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Ode to a Lunch Spot

I wrote this Wednesday, but embargoed it until today so that I wouldn’t break the news to anyone Joseph is probably in his late sixties. He’s gruff, jewish, and has a trace of an eastern european accent. He’s bald, with a circle of hair that reminds one of bristles on a broom. Until a few […]

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Review: This Present Darkness

This Present Darkess is a fun little book, but it’s a novel and not a book about theology. Indeed, if you think about the theology too hard it all kind of falls apart. Let’s do it anyway. The book, for those of you who haven’t read it (you should; it’s a good romp if a […]

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