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{ Monthly Archives } November 2008

All Growned Up

I remember when I got the last payment for my Kia Rio in the mail. It was autumn 2006, and we were still living at Versailles on the Lake, which meant I picked up the mail on my way to the apartment after work. In autumn 2006, Sonja was pregnant, we were looking to buy […]

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Fantastic Contraption May Kill Me Yet

I was up until 3am last night playing Fantastic Contraption. My name is Seth and I’m an addict. This got me started This got me interested This got me hooked. This took longer than it should have. And this one is distracting me while I try to do other things.

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Just returned from a short walk with my wife and daughter to drop off our absentee ballots here in Costa Mesa. There was some rain this morning, so the ground is wet and the trees are dripping, but it’s blue skies now. There was no line (it’s mid-morning; everyone is at work) but all the […]

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