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{ Daily Archives } Monday, April 2008

Scenes From A Taco Bell

[Inside, Lunchtime. Two men in their sixties in "San Juan Capistrano Police Volunteer" uniforms sit at a table covered in empty wrappers. Another man, just as old, stands nearby.] Non Volunteer Old Man: It’s been nice talkin’ to y’all. Say, who you voting for? Old Man 1: Not Hillary. Old Man 2 shakes his head […]


Democratic Caucus on The Colbert Report

Senator Clinton’s appearance felt a little strained, Senator Obama’s appearance was kind o funny, but EdWørds was hands-down the best of the cameos. Better introduction, better content, and much, much funnier. It reminds me of Al Gore on SNL warning about attacking glaciers; surreal enough that you know they’re in on the joke, but real […]