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{ Monthly Archives } April 2008

Centering a Window Via AppleScript

John Siracusa recently lamented the loss of one of his classic OS add-ons; the ability to center the current window onscreen via a global key combo. Well, the global key combo can be had in any number of ways, but here’s an AppleScript that’ll do it for you. It finds the screen size using the […]

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Daniel Jacob

Daniel Jacob: My nephew, aged 5 days. Congratulations, Fred!


Scenes From A Taco Bell

[Inside, Lunchtime. Two men in their sixties in "San Juan Capistrano Police Volunteer" uniforms sit at a table covered in empty wrappers. Another man, just as old, stands nearby.] Non Volunteer Old Man: It’s been nice talkin’ to y’all. Say, who you voting for? Old Man 1: Not Hillary. Old Man 2 shakes his head […]


Democratic Caucus on The Colbert Report

Senator Clinton’s appearance felt a little strained, Senator Obama’s appearance was kind o funny, but EdWørds was hands-down the best of the cameos. Better introduction, better content, and much, much funnier. It reminds me of Al Gore on SNL warning about attacking glaciers; surreal enough that you know they’re in on the joke, but real […]