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{ Monthly Archives } January 2008

Alan Kay’s ’97 OOPSLA Keynote

JavaScript is the new Smalltalk: Regular readers are quite tired of me pointing to this video, Alan Kay: The Computer Revolution hasn’t happend yet. Keynote OOPSLA 1997, but I think it’s quite fundamental to understand that Alan Kay had a vision for the web, and though his understanding of the role of HTML in the […]

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YouTube – Superfriends meets Friends

Superfriends meets Friends: (Via Boing Boing, via Laughing Squid) One of the best scenes from Friends, dubbed into one of the worst shows ever. Classic.


The Civil War In Four Minutes

(Via The Daily Dish.) This makes the entire war seem like an endless loss by the south, where they were continually giving up territory. The Ken Burns documentary (which they borrowed the music from, smartly) shows the war as much more of a struggle, with the north continually losing battles and searching for a general […]



Part of the interviews regarding the Canadian magazines that re-published the Mohammed cartoons, and are being sued for it: (Via Megan McArdle.) Two things; first, this guy is absolutely right. The government really has no right to do anything about what’s in his head, and shouldn’t try. Second, he’s a jerk. But being a jerk […]


Macworld Reality

And this is what actually happened. Yeah, a little bit with the too-optimistic for me. Things I got wrong: I called the Mac Pro based on John Siracusa’s (who made the game, and the rules) assertion that it’d count “if and only if the new Mac Pros are mentioned in the keynote.” I figured they […]


Scareware makes its Mac Debut

So there’s this “cleaning tool” for the Mac that’s actually a scam and/or trojan horse. It always reports that you have something awry on your system, and offers to fix it if you cough up some dough. This kind of stuff has been all the rage in the Windows world for years, now, but I […]

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Foreign Policy

For too long, our foreign policy has been “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” See, for example: the Shah of Iran, Saddam in Iraq, and many petty dictators in the Cold War. We should change that around to “The enemy of my enemy is just some guy, y’know?” Deal with them on their […]


MacWorld Predictions

Here are my predictions for MacWorld. Looking at the whole thing, it seems I’m being overly optimistic. But I can’t find any one square that I don’t think is going to happen–except maybe the iPhone, but I really want that one to be announced, so I can order one. I should also add that this […]


Scenes from a Taco Bell

[Outside, Lunchtime. Two men in "San Juan Capistrano Police Volunteer" uniforms get out of a similarly-marked RAV-4. They are each in their sixties, maybe pushing seventy. They amble inside.] Old Man 1: But I don’t think I can vote for John McCain. He’s too old. Old Man 2: Plus, he’s a warmonger. Yes, this really […]


The Paradox of Choice

From TED: (Via Daring Fireball.) Interesting talk that challenges the basic building blocks of, well, everything.

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