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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006 *Sob* *Sob*:*Sob* It’s sad or wrong or something that I can recognize the obfuscated icon for a program I never even used that hasn’t been updated in eight years.

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How I explained REST to my wife…

How I explained REST to my wife…: Wife: How does it work? Ryan: The web? Wife: Yea. Ryan: Hmmm.. Well, it’s all pretty amazing really. And the funny thing is that it’s all very undervalued. The protocol I was talking about, HTTP – it’s capable of all sorts of neat stuff that people ignore for […]

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Pirates of the Carribean Web Projects

This was one half of one half of a movie, and it was already far, far longer than it needed to be. Leaving aside the cliffhanger ending and the failure to resolve any of the ten thousand plots, this movie was lacking something that’s a little critical: any type of villain. Davy Jones, while he […]


Senator Barack Obama on Faith and Politics

Call to Renewal Keynote | U.S. Senator Barack Obama: But over the long haul, I think we make a mistake when we fail to acknowledge the power of faith in people’s lives — in the lives of the American people — and I think it’s time that we join a serious debate about how to […]