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{ Monthly Archives } May 2006

Fist of Dragonstones: Alternate Rules

A few years ago, Sonja and I bought a little box game called Fist of Dragonstones (whose webpage is mysterious inoperative at the time of this writing). Each player is a prince who is trying to score fame by racking up Dragonstones, which you do by hiring a bunch of characters who do stuff for […]

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Rob Gonsalves: Trippy Art

Rob Gonsalves paints crazy cool pictures where one thing turns into another. They all use similar tricks and have a similar feel, but it’s a neat feel and good tricks, so I don’t mind so much. (Via Digg.)  


If Al Gore were President

SNL: If Al Gore were President: “Saturday Night Live,” opened their show tonight with Al Gore addressing the nation as if he was the President of the United States… Oh, the funny. (Via Crooks and Liars, via TAPPED, via Huffington Post, via Bull Mosse Blog)

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