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{ Monthly Archives } April 2006

Larry Gonick Math Cartoons

Larry Gonick, Cartoonist of Awesome Stuff: Larry Gonick, creator of the various Cartoon History of the Whatevers, has a series of mathematical cartoons that explain things like warp drives and chaos theory. Great stuff. (Via Coding Horror.)

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States I’ve Visited

create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks. (Via Lemmo.)


Operator Overloading

Something that had been bothering me for a month just clicked in my brain and I had to write it down before it wandered off somewhere. No one who regularly reads this blog will understand, but here goes. C++ has operator overloading that leads to code that no one understands. If I define a class […]

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Double Take

We were watching A-Team the other day, and the lot of them were at Universal Studios. Hannibal is dressed up as a swamp monster (of course) and they’re meeting some potential client. As Face waits, a Cylon walks by. Face’s smile vanishes and he looks perplexed for a moment, and then Mr. T says something […]

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