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{ Monthly Archives } March 2006

The Other Side of the Podium

When I was at ParaSoft, I did a number of trainings when I went to some company and showed them how to use whatever product they had purchased. We did one-day tutorials all the way up to five-day classes, where we would use our product with the customer’s code. This week I am attending a […]

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Windows Is So Slow, but Why? – New York Times

Windows Is So Slow, but Why? – New York Times: “And Apple had the advantage of building on software from university laboratories, an experimental version of the Unix operating system developed at Carnegie Mellon University and a free variant of Unix from the University of California, Berkeley. That helps explain why a small team at […]

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Walt’s Epcot

I just came across this little film via the Re-Imagineering Blog, which is trying to rekindle the Magic Kingdom. And I gotta say, I would pay rent to live in Walt’s EPCOT. Would you? Why hasn’t anyone done something like what Walt talks about? Make a new city that is completely different, where things make […]

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The Used Past

There is a quote from George Lucas talking about how he wanted the world of Star Wars to feel like it had been around forever, and that not everything was perfect. He called this idea the “used future.” It is one of the things that makes the original trilogy engaging: this is a place that […]

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Video Game Nostalgia

Friday my brother Ben came over and we played old Video Games using an emulator and a USB controller. We had a blast. We spent quite a lot of time marveling at how different games are designed nowadays. In QuackShot and World of Illusion, two Disney games, there is level after level of rote memorization. […]

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In my inbox this morning I was greeted by a message with the subject “FWD: Chenney shot a lawyer” Inside it offered to sell me Viagra. It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for the guy. Not quite, but almost.

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Geek Code

Sitting at work, waiting for unit tests to run. Read all of Slashdot. Read all of Digg. Read all of Boing Boing. See a random link to the Geek Code. “Hrm,” sayz I, “I’ve never done that before. I’ll be just like Wil Wheaton and put it on my Blog.” —–BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK—– Version: […]