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{ Monthly Archives } October 2005

Washington Post: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gets Injected With a Social Issue

This is what bugs me about the Religious Right: they confuse prevention with condoning, because in their minds every single issue is a slippery slope toward eternal damnation. The basic argument here is that if we give preteens a shot that could prevent sexually-transmitted cancer, said preteens might be confused and think that we were […]

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On Discussions

(click for larger version) I miss these guys.

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Right wrong, Left confused, Josh Wrong.

My brother read God’s Politics, and failed to understand it. Not all of Jim’s ideas are great ideas. Not all of Josh’s ideas are great ideas. Not all of mine are (just most). But the greatest idea (which isn’t mine) is that despite all that, we can still talk. And on the stuff that we […]

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WebKit Nightlies

So maybe setting my default browser to the WebKit nightly wasn’t so great an idea…

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