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{ Monthly Archives } May 2005

Sonja TV

Sonja TV Originally uploaded by TALlama. I just put up a ton of new pictures from our trip to DisneyWorld, and a few of our cats. Check ‘em out! Also, a quick thank you to Fred, who tossed a Flickr account my way since the Yahoo buyout meant that he got a few to toss […]

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Yes, I’m late to the party on this one, but we just tried out Skype and it’s everything that it claims to be: free internet telephony that just works. My brother-in-law, whom I just mentioned and my mother-in-law have been using Skype since I told them about it a few months ago. They’ve said that […]

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When translations go awry

My brother-in-law is in Mexico doing translations for the Mexican government. He goes to awesome places and takes awesome pictures and posts them on Flickr. His entire photostream is worth a look, but here’s a recent one I really loved: When translations go awry.


New Job!

I started at ACS this week. Monday was a whole day of paperwork. I filled out my new address at least two dozen times. Oh, the paperless office is a grand idea, isn’t it? Then I got down to the work. It’s Java stuff, and it’s neat. I’m inheriting some code that is just awfully […]

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DisneyWorld: The Good, The Bad, and The Mickey

So Sonja and I spent last week at DisneyWorld. We have some great pictures, some fantastic memories, and hurt feet. What We Did Exactly Right In getting the 5 day Park Hopper Pass we chose right. We spent a day at each of the four parks, and then spent our final park day going back […]

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So tomorrow Sonja and I get on a plane and fly to Orlando, FL to take a vacation to Disneyworld. As such, updates will be sparse, unless I decide to push some photos up here for you all to envy.

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Hero With a Thousand Faces

Joseph Campbell is one of those people that you would meet at a dinner party in the opening chapter of a Tom Wolfe novel, and spend the rest of the novel getting hints about the deeper meanings of the novel itself from his appearances throughout. He seems like quite a smart little fellow, and what […]


Late Night With Samuel L. Jackson

I am currently flying from Montreal home; my last trip for Parasoft. Tomorrow is my last day in the office. This is the last time I’m ever going to fly through Chicago, if I can help it. My flight left Montreal at 5:30pm local time. According to my schedule, I was supposed to arrive at […]

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One-Word Sentences City Review: Montreal

Dirty. Industrial. Busy. Chattering. Warm. Cold. Tall. Foreign. Organic. Loopy. Isolated. Inclusive. Tasty. Last.

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Bull Moose

I read a variety of political blogs, mostly left-leaning but a few more centrist and right, just so that I get a feel for everything that’s out there. One of the blogs that I love the most is Bull Moose, not least because of the name. But what really keeps me coming back is that […]