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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, April 2005

Internet Explorer

I just took a look at the site design through IE/Win and it makes me cry. Not only is the transparency effect ruined–I expected that– but the sidebar completely disappears. I don’t know where it goes, but it goes elsewhere. Really, people: get Firefox..


The ImageMagick Tutorial That Finally Taught Me How to Use ImageMagick.

To get the backgrounds for this site, start with a normal image (bg_dark.jpg) and run this: convert bg_dark.jpg -modulate 50,30 -level 0%,60%,0.6 -fill gray -colorize 80% bg_light.jpg This is brought to you by the only useful ImageMagick tutorial on the entire Internet: IM v6 Examples. Why is this a good tutorial, as opposed to the […]

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