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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, April 2005

15 Minutes

Rudy was one of my good friends at ParaSoft. He’s about my age, and was a fellow Sales Engineer with an itch to do development. I don’t know if he knew going in how development-sparse the position was (I was told it’d be half time; it’s more like 10% dev, 90% sales), but he left […]



I Want. The problem with Sonja being gone is that I can’t just drop $150 to pick up a family pack (after rebate). Core Data is a siren; it calls to me…

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Eclipse Tutorial

Here is an Eclipse tutorial that I wrote for work. This is the WSDJ version; there’s an upcoming Visual Studio version that’s similar.

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Here’s a picture of my cats. The grey cat is Gandalf the Grey. He is a mischievous little bugger who likes to get into anything he can and eat it. But then sometimes he’ll decide he needs to be pet and he’ll be all purrs and rubs. The black cat is Persephone. She is a […]


Missing Connections

Sonja (my Wife) is in Hawaii this week on a mission trip with the church youth group that she helps out with. They’re on Molokai– where 80% of the population lives under the poverty line– painting churches and installing running water. So we have a month to move, which is kind of nice but kind […]

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Getting to Know You

Hello, everybody. My name is Seth A. Roby and I wish that I could develop Macintosh software for a living. But I don’t. Instead, I work as a Sales Engineer at ParaSoft, a company that sells keen testing tools, which I genuinely believe are smart and necessary, but they aren’t exciting. I spend my time […]