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{ Monthly Archives } April 2005


So now that I finally got this blog up and running, we’re moving apartments and I am told to expect downtime on the order of 5 to 7 days, beginning tomorrow. So, if you don’t hear from me for a bit, it’s because SBC is a bunch of buffoons and it takes them that long […]


Latest Edition

It is a great nuisance. I can’t find anyone in this house to talk to. And I am full of interesting information. I feel like the latest edition of something or other.-Lord Goring, An Ideal Husband, by Oscar Wilde We started Move 2005 this weekend. Up early on Saturday, over to the new apartment to […]


What Sonja Wants For Her Birthday

National TreasureFriends Season 9Namco MuseumFrogger TV Arcade



This post sent from Mars! MarsEdit doesn’t seem to autoconfigure for WordPress. It should be able to load the page, look for the Generator, and figure out that it’s a WordPress blog. Then it should fill in the XML-RPC URL, which is at a standard location, and put something into the ‘Blog ID’, about which […]

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Whose $90?

So as I mentioned before, I’m in Denver this week going to a few customer sites. My luggage, however, is not in Denver, and the clothes contained therein are not going to customer sites with me. The flight from SNA to PHX was fine, if a little bumpy on the landing. I make it a […]

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Internet Explorer

I just took a look at the site design through IE/Win and it makes me cry. Not only is the transparency effect ruined–I expected that– but the sidebar completely disappears. I don’t know where it goes, but it goes elsewhere. Really, people: get Firefox..


The ImageMagick Tutorial That Finally Taught Me How to Use ImageMagick.

To get the backgrounds for this site, start with a normal image (bg_dark.jpg) and run this: convert bg_dark.jpg -modulate 50,30 -level 0%,60%,0.6 -fill gray -colorize 80% bg_light.jpg This is brought to you by the only useful ImageMagick tutorial on the entire Internet: IM v6 Examples. Why is this a good tutorial, as opposed to the […]

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15 Minutes

Rudy was one of my good friends at ParaSoft. He’s about my age, and was a fellow Sales Engineer with an itch to do development. I don’t know if he knew going in how development-sparse the position was (I was told it’d be half time; it’s more like 10% dev, 90% sales), but he left […]



I Want. The problem with Sonja being gone is that I can’t just drop $150 to pick up a family pack (after rebate). Core Data is a siren; it calls to me…

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Eclipse Tutorial

Here is an Eclipse tutorial that I wrote for work. This is the WSDJ version; there’s an upcoming Visual Studio version that’s similar.

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