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Opinions and Arguments

Fighting Over The New Testament:

So our little slanted, incomplete, biased, and selective theologies are the best we can do. Given how our theologies are formed, it’s a constant wonder to me that people are surprised and even angered when they meet someone whose ideas about God differ from their own. I’d be more surprised if I met someone who shared my own beliefs, point by point, all the way to the end. Now that would be strange.

(Via Real Live Preacher.)

I’m a fan of arguments in general, because they aid in understanding your own opinion and the reasoning that leads to other opinions. Linus Torvalds (of Linux fame) recently said much the same thing; “heated” discussion is oftentimes better discussion.

But arguing a point and being angry at the other side are two different things, and I must admit to falling prey to anger over not just theological issues, but technological ones as well. REST versus SOAP comes to mind; at work we’ve recently rolled out a couple SOAP services and I must admit that, from a consumer standpoint, it’s nice to just call a method and have it return something. In that case there are deeper points to make, but that’s true of almost any argument worth having.