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Uno Cracko

Sonja and I got bored with a deck of Uno cards and this is the result. We’ve only play-tested this with two players, but it could theoretically work with more. At some point you’d probably need to add another deck of cards into the mix, but we don’t know when that point would be; six players is probably about right.

The games we played through took about 20 minutes each.


Take any deck of normal Uno cards. Shuffle.

Deal out two cards to the center of the table in two separate piles. These are the “Play Piles”. If you have more than two players, only use one Play Pile.

Deal all cards out evenly to all players.

Each player puts their stack face down in front of them. This is their “Draw Pile.” They flip over the top card and put it immediately in front of their Draw Pile, face up. This is their “Discard Pile.”

The Turn

The player to the dealer’s left takes the first turn by flipping over a card and seeing if it can play– using normal Uno rules– on either of the Play Piles or any player’s Discard Pile.

Alternatively, the player can draw the top card from their own Discard Pile and play it– using normal Uno rules– on any Play pile (but not other player’s Discard piles).

If the card chosen cannot be placed, the player puts it in his discard pile and flips over another card from their Draw Pile to attempt to play it. There is no limit to the amount of cards that can be moved from Draw to Discard in this way: the player keeps plowing through cards until they can place one.

If you play a “Draw Two” or “Draw Four” card, the requisite number of cards are drawn from your Draw Pile and put into the next player’s Discard pile.


Play ends when any player runs out of cards in their Draw Pile. The player with the least number of cards in their Discard Pile wins.