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15 Minutes

Rudy was one of my good friends at ParaSoft. He’s about my age, and was a fellow Sales Engineer with an itch to do development. I don’t know if he knew going in how development-sparse the position was (I was told it’d be half time; it’s more like 10% dev, 90% sales), but he left for a development position earlier this year, prompting our already-undermanned department to do a little scramble to keep everyone happy.

I was sad to see Rudy go, but I knew that he wanted something else; something more. We had been discussing it quite a lot since we had both interviewed for the same position, and the interviewer had let it slip that there was another ParaSoft Sales Engineer interested in the same position. It didn’t take us long to figure out who.

I got a call from Rudy last week and we had a little chat about what was new, what was going on. At the end of the call, Rudy asked if I was still looking, and I am, although it’s an incognito search. I told him so, and he offered to set me up with an interview at Affiliated Computer Systems, where he works now. I was excited and grateful; it would be awesome to work with Rudy again, and I would get to do development work, and I would have a 15 minute commute instead of the hour and a half I spend on the road during my commute now.

I had an interview with ACS on Wednesday. We had a seminar in Irvine and it ended at 3. I hopped in my car and got to Santa Ana almost an hour before my 4:30 appointment. I read Time for a while and then they called me in.

The technical interview was fine; no problems at all. Swing? Sure. J2EE? Why not. JavaBeans? Uh.. yeah.

The non-technical interview was nothing. Almost literally. They knew that Rudy liked me, and they liked Rudy. They looked over my application, said okay, and told me they’d call me soon.

I got the call Thursday, and I have another interview with another technical guy on Monday. I need to brush up on JavaBeans a little, but I’m hopeful and I think the chances are good. Keep me in your thoughts.