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Walt’s Epcot

I just came across this little film via the Re-Imagineering Blog, which is trying to rekindle the Magic Kingdom.

And I gotta say, I would pay rent to live in Walt’s EPCOT. Would you?

Why hasn’t anyone done something like what Walt talks about? Make a new city that is completely different, where things make sense because someone actually thought them through?

I want to take a monorail downtown and get out of the rain, walk around the town center like you can in some parts of Europe.

I want to live in a city with a big old greenbelt.

Oh, and I want “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” to play lightly in the background at all times when I’m there.

Yeah, it goes a little socialist there in the middle when they’re talking about how central planning makes us great. Maybe that’s why no one has done it: it’s not a “market-based-solution.”

And admittedly, upgrading anything in these subterranean transport areas is going to be a pain.

And I like traffic circles, but you’re going to need a second one-way circle going the opposite direction.

“No one company can make it happen alone,” said Walt, and he was right. When he died months later, EPCOT turned into something very different, and Walt’s last big dream died before it was born.

It’s a pity; it would have had a very interesting life.