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Playbooks for The Sprawl

My gaming group is starting a campaign of The Sprawl tonight, and because you are the sort of fine person who loves cyberpunk and Apocalypse World mechanics, you no doubt have backed the kickstarter and are soon starting your own campaign full of cybertechnology, shady deals, and double crosses. Of course you are!

And of course to start out campaign we needed some nice playbooks, and of course I made some. And if I went to all that trouble then you, dear reader, should benefit, and if you click the following links you shall.

  • Playbooks in two-sheets-per-playbook format, which is probably what you want
  • Playbooks in single-sheet-per-playbook format, which omit some things (contacts, obligations, links) you can just write on back if that’s your thing
  • And of course the Basic Moves so you can have those for easy reference

So get out there and have some fun stealing from the megacorps to feed your megacorp paymasters.