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An Ode to a Hanging Computer

My computer crashed today, and this is what I did while it restarted:

App by app they all locked up,
Cold and dark like some dead pup.
Spinning rainbows sang a sad song
While I did wait, oh so long.

Into Terminal, top -u
But, alas, it gave no clue.
Another tab, ps ax
Nothing there… me: perplex.

Watch the clock; blinking still,
The mouse responds to my will
But then, O then! The cursor stops!
The power button reaps the crops.

A hard restart, feed the Vault,
Wonder who or what’s at fault.
But wait! Again! A panicked kernel!
The chime resounds, a dreary fun’ral.

Will it come back one more time?
Have I heard my last Mac chime?
Again, log in, and wait, and see…
Yes! The Mac’s returned to me!

Apps all open, iTunes starts,
And lo, above the cloud bank parts
As “Tron: Legacy” begins,
Onward! Go! To Epic Wins!