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New Job!

I started at ACS this week. Monday was a whole day of paperwork. I filled out my new address at least two dozen times. Oh, the paperless office is a grand idea, isn’t it?

Then I got down to the work. It’s Java stuff, and it’s neat. I’m inheriting some code that is just awfully not architected, so that’ interesting to say the least. I’ve become good friends with the refactoring capabilities of Eclipse.

The people are nice. I’m slowly meeting everyone, from my team of three devs (longest tenure: 6 months) to the training coordinator (longest tenure: 15 years). My manager is a very nice woman and she seems quite happy to have me on board. Rudy and Jayesh (the other two on my team) are, too.

The building is a little crumbly; it has all the hallmarks of that mid-century build-the-future architecture: the low-slung style of Frank Lloyd Wright, the brick-and-rock fa├žade of every civic building of that era. But it does have air conditioning, even if the cell phone reception is a bit lacking.

So after two days of coding, I’m happy to say that I’m liking it. Today, while reviewing some changes I’ve made (I had just reduced six twenty-line methods into a one line call; yeah, that’s the code I got) I noticed an error and immediately understood where the problem was. Click, and it all fell into place. Going into this I was unsure of my ability to do serious coding, to keep ten thousand things in my head and balance them all out. But when that all clicked I knew that I could do this. And I’m going to enjoy it.