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Junk Mail

I just sent this to my representatives. You should, too:

Dear Senator, I just got done filling out the latest privacy policy for my bank. I do this every time they send me one in the mail, which seems to occur every few months. Every time it’s the same story: they’ve decided to make some minor change to their policy, this means that I need to accept the changes– oh and by the way if I don’t do so they’ll sell my name and information to everyone in the world so they can send me junkmail and even more offers for credit cards than I already get. The changes are always opt-out: I need to be proactive to make sure they don’t send me crap. But the bank gets to decide how often this stuff happens, and it seems to me that they’ve been deciding that “as often as possible” is the answer, probably because people will eventually forget to go through this rigamarole and end up on the send-me-junk rosters. So I’m writing to you because you should do something about it. You should propose a law making it illegal to default people in to this stuff. Make it so it’s always opt-in; if they want to send me their special offers they should sell me on the idea. The banks may scream, and they probably will, but they’re not the ones who voted for you, so let’s just ignore them on this one. You don’t want junk mail, and I don’t want junk mail, and truth be told the bankers don’t want any in their mailboxes, either, so let’s all just agree that getting less of it would be nice and shut off this one conduit. They can still change their privacy policies as much as they want, but let’s have no more of this nonsense. Thanks! Seth A. Roby