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Missing Steve

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Lots of people have already said how odd it has been processing the news of Steve Jobs’ passing: we didn’t know Steve and the vast majority of us have never even met him. And yet we grieve because he defined our industry is when it is at it’s best, and his example was what many of us have tried to follow.

He managed to take up so much of the horizon. He was the figure a lot of us wanted to be, the guy who saw further, knew faster, and made better. He strove to make the world a better place and succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest dreams except his own. Because as much as we didn’t know him everyone who did agrees that he was never satisfied, was always ready for the next step, and was always thinking about the step beyond that. That he won’t get to take those steps with us is one of the most hurtful parts of the whole thing: when he showed us what was next his smile let us all know how happy he was to have found it, but also how happy he was to be sharing.

I have no doubt that Apple will continue making outstanding products. But I will miss seeing Steve’s excitement, and knowing that there will always be one more thing.