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Baby Game: Social Networks Edition

Our next baby is due on the 23rd, but we got word yesterday that if there’s no baby by next Monday, we’ll be picking a day to induce. That means it’s time for a Baby Game!

This Baby Game seeks to be the geekiest it can be. It’s powered by a Ruby script, it uses Levenshtein distances, and involves an eight-dimensional Euclidean space.

Players will submit guesses in each of these categories:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Birth Weight in Integer Pounds
  • Birth Weight in Ounces-Over-An-Integer-Pound
  • Birth Length in Inches (fractions allowed)
  • Day of the Month
  • Hour of the Day (Military time)
  • Minute of the Hour

The script then takes all the guesses and plots them in an eight-dimensional Euclidean space.

  • The closest point in that space to the actual point created by the actual values will win.
    • That basically just means you should try to be close on everything
  • The name guesses are double-weighted.
  • To convert the strings into numbers we use the aforementioned Levenshtein distances, which measure the similarity of two strings by determining how many additions and subtractions are needed to turn the first string into the second string.

In this league, the winners only reward is gloating (I can’t yet email you a candy bar, but I am hard at work on the technology to do so).

Comment/Email/DM/Wallpost/StatusComment your guesses; we’ll see who comes out on top!

PS If you want a leg up, Mikayla Grace was due March 15th and was born the 18th; she was 7lbs 15oz, and was born at 3:57am

PPS I assure you that if we do have to pick a day to induce, we will absolutely be using this as a means to screw with the game

PPPS If you’re part of the work league, you can have new guesses in this league, or the same guesses in this league; Sonja and I just wanted to open it up to other people