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David Lynch Directs My Dreams

A woman walks into a church. It is the kind of building evangelicals build, with minimal adornments and built to be as big as possible. It is completely empty as the preacher at the pulpit drones on.

After a while, the woman goes outside, where a huge crowd is gathered. Out of a trailer comes another woman, The Performer. She straps on wings and flies above the crowd, to the delight of all. The crowd disperses.

Two men are sitting inside the church, which has been hastily converted into a restaurant. They are eating oddly crunchy salads while The Interviewer asks The Interviewee about Hollywood. The Interviewer laughs at the replies.

The Interviewee mentions that this restaurant is usually pretty bad, but tonight it is rather good. The Interviewer notes that he put a brick at the door when he arrived, which is how you make the restaurant good while you are inside. In a flashback we see that this is a lie; the woman from the church actually put the brick there.

Dinner done, the men walk outside, and look over the cliff there. One of the men turns out to be me, and one of them is my friend Dustin. Joined by our wives, we look out over the cliff (it is now midday, so the view is very nice) to see a quaint italian town.

Our attention is drawn to one building in particular, which is rotating at a furious pace. Inside, there is a wedding going on. The Bride is dressed in a too-large gown with a train that takes up most of the room. She tells The Wedding Guests to shoo out The Dog, who is intruding on the party. The Guests oblige.

The Dog, now outside, is reveled to not be a real dog, but a life-sized stuffed dog. He wanders the streets as those of us on the cliff narrate his journey. He runs into The Clown, also a toy.

In fact, those of us on the cliff are now– in the same positions– watching the scene in a toy store window. We laugh.

I wake up. I wonder what the hell that was all about.

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  1. avatar Kevin | 2008-10-15 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    Crazy, crazy dreams…