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Macworld Reality

MacWorld Reality.png

And this is what actually happened. Yeah, a little bit with the too-optimistic for me.

Things I got wrong:

  1. I called the Mac Pro based on John Siracusa’s (who made the game, and the rules) assertion that it’d count “if and only if the new Mac Pros are mentioned in the keynote.” I figured they would be, and they were, but it’s not marked in this “official” what-happened version.
  2. The displays haven’t been updated in forever. It seemed a shoe-in.
  3. I was skeptical of the MacBook Thin, which turned out to be the MacBook Air, the major announcement of the keynote.
  4. Having just got a new MacBook Pro, I figured Apple would announce a new version to spite me. It’s happened every other time I buy something, so it seemed a reasonable guess. I was happy to be proven incorrect.
  5. Jobs didn’t use any of his catch-phrases. I think it was an intentional effort to spite Bingo players. He used the word “Zhoom” for crying out loud.
  6. I expected a new iPhone, and SDK details. Mostly this was just hope on my part, since I want to buy an iPhone, and play with the SDK.
  7. Schiller got a mention, but no appearance. I miss that guy.
  8. Vista got by without any mockery. And really, I think that it came down to the fact that Jobs couldn’t come up with anything new; it’s all been said. Over and over.

So obviously, I’m not too great at this. When I posted my predictions before, I almost went back and updated my bingo chart (I had done it almost a week before my post), but decided to go with my first impressions. Big mistake; my second guesses (no iPhone, no Blu-ray, no One More Thing) were far closer to the truth.