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Getting to Know You

Hello, everybody.

My name is Seth A. Roby and I wish that I could develop Macintosh software for a living. But I don’t.

Instead, I work as a Sales Engineer at ParaSoft, a company that sells keen testing tools, which I genuinely believe are smart and necessary, but they aren’t exciting. I spend my time telling people that they need to buy from us because the tools are smart and necessary, even if they aren’t exciting.

Sometimes Oftentimes I feel trapped at my job. It pays well, and I get to go places and work with Fortune 500 companies, but it’s not what I want to do; I want to develop. I had a talk with the CEO once after he got wind that my resume was on Monster, and he told me that he thought I should stay in Sales, because:

  1. The money is better
  2. I’m more of an architect than a code monkey

I agree on both counts. But the money isn’t enough, and I’ll never be an architect if I never do some code monkeying.

What scares me is that the money is almost enough. It’s just on the threshold of being a fetter to this job that I don’t particularly care for, and I can see myself becoming trapped because of the cash. That’s just about the last position that I want to be in.

So I’m looking for a way out.

What I’d love to do is Macintosh development. What I’d settle for doing is Web or Java development. But the last word in all those titles is ‘Development’, and whenever I go on interviews they are all impressed by my Computer Science major, but my English major always seems to get me shuffled into Sales positions (like at ParaSoft) or–worse–HelpDesk positions. Neither of these is the path I want to take forward; they are paths tangental and perpendicular to the future I’m trying to get onto.

So, if you want to follow along with me as I try to find the appropriate detour, feel free. Welcome to my new blog.

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